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In 1990, my parents Elisabeth and Leonhard Sterff decided to give up their dairy farm and to try their hand at something different. The stable was torn down and a hotel built instead. My father had had the right idea and seen the need for a hotel in Seeshaupt. 

It was a brave step for my parents to start over at the age of 50 and risk such a large investment. On April 1, 1991, I was hired as housekeeper. 

  • Grand opening was on April 20, 1991.

  • In 2002 we changed to a civil law association with my parents and myself as partners.

  • On June 1, 2009, my sister Christina started working here.

  • In 2010 I took over the hotel.

  • In 2011 renovation of the outside

  • 2012/2013 redecoration of the rooms

  • On July 31, 2013, my father died. 

  • Dezember 2015 Saunaeinbau im Keller

  • April 23, 2016 Celebration of the hotel's 25th anniversary

  • Juli 2018 E-Charging Station on the parking place

  • November 2020/ February 2021 Renewal of the heating system

  • On January 21, 2023, my mother died